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How extraterrestrial spaceships work

2024-06-21 21:01:01

Element 115 and Gravity Manipulation

Element 115, Moscovium, plays a critical role in the propulsion system. This element is used to generate a powerful gravitational field. The strong nuclear force field of element 115 extends outside the atom and is amplified by the spacecraft's power plant. This amplified strong force is directed at a distant point to which the spacecraft aims to travel. The amplified field manipulates space-time, effectively shrinking the distance between the spacecraft and its destination. Instead of traveling hundreds of light years, the destination point appears to be only a few meters away.

Space-Time Distortion

By generating and amplifying Gravity A waves, the propulsion system creates a distortion in space-time. This allows the spacecraft to "fall" towards its destination, bypassing traditional concepts of thrust and enabling nearly instantaneous travel across vast distances. The gravitational field generated by the propulsion system also provides a form of anti-gravity, allowing the spacecraft to hover and maneuver in ways that conventional aircraft cannot achieve.

Gravity Amplifiers

The spacecraft features three gravity amplifiers positioned on its underside. These amplifiers can be oriented to focus gravity waves in a specific direction, facilitating movement, direction changes, and even rotation. By adjusting the gravity amplifiers, the spacecraft can achieve omnidirectional travel, including vertical movement, high-speed travel, and abrupt changes in direction.

Element 117 and the Power Plant

Element 117, Tennessine, is used to power the spacecraft's power plant through a normal fission reaction. As it decays into element 116, Tennessine generates an extraordinary amount of energy, which powers the entire system, including the gravity amplifiers.


The combination of element 115's gravitational manipulation and element 117's energy generation enables the spacecraft to perform highly advanced maneuvers and travel vast distances instantaneously. This propulsion system represents a significant leap beyond conventional aerospace technology, utilizing the unique properties of these elements to achieve extraordinary capabilities.

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The Adam & Eve Story: The History of ...

The Adam and Eve story is fake

2024-06-13 13:58:00

Pole Shift and Magnetic Field Anomalies

The South Atlantic Anomaly

The South Atlantic Anomaly is a significant irregularity in Earth's magnetic field. Similar anomalies existed eight to eleven million years ago. Source

Recent Axis Shift

Over the last 25 years, Earth has been knocked off its axis, causing the locations of the north and south poles to shift by centimeters. This shift is attributed to factors such as melting ice. Aylin Woodward, Business Insider, April 28, 2021

Polar Ice Melt

The melting of polar ice is a well-documented fact. The reduction in ice mass affects the distribution of weight on Earth's surface. Chan Thomas theorized that during previous ice ages, Earth's tilt and the subsequent melting of polar ice caused catastrophic floods. However, the current polar ice is significantly less than in the past, making it unlikely to cause a similar tilt.

Historical Floods

  • 43,750 years ago
  • 29,000 years ago (14,750 years after the previous flood)
  • 18,500 years ago (10,500 years after the previous flood) - Adam and Eve's cataclysm
  • 11,560 years ago (6,940 years after the previous flood)
  • 6,993 years ago (3,560 years after the previous flood) - Noah's flood

Historical Axis Tilts

Earth tipped over on its side approximately 84 million years ago and later righted itself. Aylin Woodward, Business Insider, June 19, 2021

Magnetic Field Reversals

Earth's magnetic field is weakening, and reversals are a common occurrence. Over the last 20 million years, pole reversals have happened about every 200,000 to 300,000 years, though it has been more than twice that long since the last reversal. Reversals happen over hundreds or thousands of years, with multiple poles emerging at different latitudes during the process. Scientists estimate hundreds of reversals over the past three billion years, with fewer reversals when dinosaurs roamed the Earth (about every one million years).

The Brunhes-Matuyama Reversal

The last major pole reversal, the Brunhes-Matuyama reversal, occurred around 780,000 years ago. The fossil record from this period shows no drastic changes in plant or animal life, and deep ocean sediment cores indicate no changes in glacial activity, based on oxygen isotope analysis. This evidence suggests that polarity reversals do not significantly affect Earth's rotation axis, which has a major influence on climate and glaciation patterns.


While anomalies and shifts in Earth's magnetic field and axis are well-documented, the catastrophic scenarios described by Chan Thomas lack substantial scientific evidence and are inconsistent with the geological and paleoclimatic records.

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Alien Invasion Agenda

2024-05-20 17:36:23

The alien invasion agenda, as theorized by various UFO researchers and abduction investigators, typically involves several key components. These components suggest a long-term and covert strategy aimed at eventual control or domination of Earth. Here are the primary elements often cited in these theories:

  1. Abduction and Genetic Experimentation: Aliens allegedly abduct humans to perform medical and genetic procedures. These experiments often include extracting genetic material and conducting hybridization processes to create beings that are part human, part alien.

  2. Hybridization Program: The creation of a hybrid species is central to many of these theories. The hybrids are believed to possess qualities of both humans and aliens, potentially allowing them to integrate into human society unnoticed while retaining some level of control or influence from their alien progenitors.

  3. Infiltration and Integration: Hybrids are thought to be placed back into human society to blend in and gradually increase their numbers. This integration is intended to be subtle, allowing hybrids to occupy various roles and positions within human communities without drawing attention to their true nature.

  4. Gradual Takeover: Over time, as the hybrid population grows and integrates more deeply into society, they are expected to gain influence and control. This could manifest in various forms, such as political, economic, or social dominance, effectively paving the way for an alien-controlled future.

  5. Psychological Manipulation and Control: Some theories suggest that aliens are not only creating hybrids but also manipulating human thoughts, memories, and behaviors. This psychological control could ensure compliance and prevent humans from resisting the eventual takeover.

  6. Resource Acquisition: Another possible agenda could be the acquisition of Earth's resources. Aliens might seek to control the planet to exploit its natural resources, whether for sustenance, energy, or other purposes beneficial to their civilization.

  7. Preparation for Full-Scale Invasion: In some scenarios, the hybridization and infiltration process is viewed as a preparatory phase for a more direct and overt invasion. Once the groundwork is laid and sufficient control is established, a full-scale alien invasion could occur, solidifying their dominance over the planet.

  8. Survival and Expansion: Aliens might be motivated by the need to ensure the survival and expansion of their species. Earth and its resources, including its genetic diversity, could be crucial for their long-term survival, leading them to implement such an agenda.

These elements collectively form the basis of the alien invasion agenda as theorized by researchers like David Janvasion


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Alien Invasion Timeline

2024-05-20 17:32:15

While there is no concrete evidence or universally accepted timeline for an alleged alien invasion agenda, speculative theories suggest a multi-phase process that could span several decades or even centuries. Here's a possible timeline based on the ideas proposed by researchers like David Jacobs and others:

Phase 1: Initial Contact and Observation (1940s-1960s)

  • Initial Sightings: Increased UFO sightings and encounters reported worldwide, particularly around significant events such as the Roswell incident in 1947.
  • Surveillance: Aliens begin observing human behavior, technology, and societal structures, possibly to understand human weaknesses and strengths.

Phase 2: Abductions and Genetic Experimentation (1960s-1980s)

  • Abductions Begin: A notable increase in reported abductions, where individuals are taken, examined, and sometimes subjected to genetic experiments.
  • Genetic Material Collection: Aliens collect human genetic material to study and possibly initiate the hybridization process.

Phase 3: Hybridization Program (1980s-2000s)

  • Hybrid Creation: Aliens start creating hybrid beings by combining human and alien DNA. These hybrids may initially be raised in alien environments or controlled settings.
  • Integration Training: Hybrids are taught how to blend into human society, learning human behaviors, languages, and customs.

Phase 4: Infiltration and Integration (2000s-Present)

  • Gradual Insertion: Hybrids are placed into human society, slowly integrating into various roles without drawing attention to their true nature.
  • Establishing Influence: Over time, hybrids gain positions of influence in different sectors, including politics, business, and science, potentially affecting decision-making processes.

Phase 5: Consolidation of Control (Present-2030s)

  • Increased Influence: The hybrid population grows, and their influence within human society strengthens. They work to subtly shift societal norms and policies in favor of the alien agenda.
  • Psychological Manipulation: Continued efforts to manipulate human perceptions, behaviors, and memories to ensure compliance and reduce resistance.

Phase 6: Full-Scale Implementation (2030s and Beyond)

  • Direct Control: Once sufficient influence is achieved, the agenda moves towards more overt control. This could involve significant political changes, economic shifts, or social transformations orchestrated by hybrids or their alien counterparts.
  • Resource Acquisition: Aliens may begin overtly exploiting Earth's resources, with humans either being controlled or unaware of the true purpose.
  • Final Takeover: In the most extreme scenarios, a full-scale alien invasion could occur, cementing their dominance over the planet.

Phase 7: Post-Takeover (Speculative Future)

  • Colonization: The establishment of a new societal order under alien control. Human-alien hybrids may play a key role in maintaining order and managing human populations.
  • Long-Term Integration: A new hybridized civilization emerges, with humans and hybrids coexisting under alien oversight.

Important Considerations

  • Skepticism and Controversy: It's crucial to remember that these theories are highly speculative and controversial, lacking empirical evidence and often based on anecdotal accounts.
  • Alternative Explanations: Many researchers and scientists offer alternative explanations for UFO sightings and abduction experiences, including psychological phenomena, misidentifications, and cultural influences.

The proposed timeline is a framework based on speculative theories and should be considered within the context of ongoing debates and the lack of concrete evidence supporting the existence of such an agenda.

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Alien Invasion From a Practical and Tactical Perspective

2024-05-20 17:29:00

From a practical and tactical perspective, achieving an (alien) invasion or hybridization agenda would require a series of carefully coordinated steps to ensure gradual infiltration, manipulation, and control of human society. Here are the key steps they would theoretically need to take:

1. Surveillance and Data Gathering

  • Observation: Continuous monitoring of human activities, technological advancements, and societal structures to understand strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors.
  • Information Gathering: Collecting data on key individuals, government systems, and global infrastructure to identify potential points of influence and control.

2. Abductions and Genetic Experimentation

  • Covert Abductions: Abducting individuals in a manner that minimizes detection and public awareness, often using advanced technology to avoid leaving evidence.
  • Medical Procedures: Conducting genetic experiments to extract and manipulate human DNA, aiming to create hybrid beings with desired traits.
  • Memory Manipulation: Using techniques to erase or alter the memories of abductees to prevent them from recalling their experiences clearly and reducing the likelihood of widespread panic or resistance.

3. Hybrid Creation and Training

  • Genetic Engineering: Developing hybrids through a combination of human and alien DNA, ensuring they possess human-like appearances and capabilities.
  • Behavioral Training: Educating hybrids to understand and mimic human behaviors, languages, and customs to blend seamlessly into human society.
  • Psychological Conditioning: Preparing hybrids to remain loyal to the alien agenda and capable of influencing humans without revealing their true nature.

4. Infiltration and Integration

  • Strategic Placement: Gradually inserting hybrids into key positions within human society, including politics, business, education, and media.
  • Building Networks: Creating networks of influence that can shape public opinion, policy decisions, and cultural norms in favor of the alien agenda.
  • Maintaining Secrecy: Ensuring hybrids and their activities remain undetected by using advanced technologies for communication and coordination, as well as leveraging psychological manipulation to discredit whistleblowers and skeptics.

5. Manipulation and Control

  • Social Engineering: Influencing societal values, beliefs, and behaviors through media, education, and cultural trends to create a more compliant and controllable population.
  • Psychological Manipulation: Using advanced techniques to manipulate human thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, potentially including mind control or mass hypnosis.
  • Disinformation Campaigns: Spreading misinformation and discrediting credible information about alien activities to sow confusion and prevent organized resistance.

6. Consolidation of Power

  • Gaining Influence: Gradually increasing the number of hybrids in positions of power and influence, ensuring they can shape global policies and decisions.
  • Economic Control: Manipulating economic systems to create dependencies and leverage control over resources and industries.
  • Military Infiltration: Infiltrating and influencing military forces to prevent effective resistance and ensure compliance with the alien agenda.

7. Final Takeover and Control

  • Coordinated Action: Orchestrating a series of coordinated actions to solidify control over key aspects of human society, including government, economy, and infrastructure.
  • Direct Intervention: If necessary, deploying advanced technologies or alien forces to enforce control and suppress any remaining resistance.
  • Resource Management: Exploiting Earth's resources to benefit the alien civilization while maintaining enough stability to prevent total societal collapse.

8. Post-Takeover Management

  • Establishing New Order: Implementing a new societal structure that integrates hybrids and humans under alien oversight, ensuring long-term stability and control.
  • Cultural Assimilation: Encouraging or enforcing cultural assimilation to reduce friction between humans and hybrids and promote a unified society.
  • Continuous Surveillance: Maintaining ongoing surveillance and control measures to prevent rebellion and ensure compliance with the new order.

Important Considerations

  • Technological Superiority: The aliens would need to possess significantly advanced technology to achieve these objectives, particularly in terms of surveillance, mind control, and genetic manipulation.
  • Psychological Tactics: Effective psychological manipulation would be crucial to prevent widespread panic, resistance, and the formation of organized opposition.
  • Secrecy and Deception: Maintaining secrecy and using deception would be essential to ensure that their activities remain undetected until they have achieved sufficient control.

These steps are speculative and based on theoretical scenarios proposed by researchers in the field of ufology and abduction studies. There is no empirical evidence to support the existence of such an agenda, and these ideas remain highly controversial and debated.

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PC Not Booting

2024-05-20 16:38:33

Last night after moving things back in place after having painted the room, my pc wouldn't boot.  It would go into bios, bios would say attempting recovery, then go into a light blue screen to choose the keyboard and then to windows repair.

Long story short, I disconnected all the hard drives, except the main drive which is NVMe on the motherboard.  I then booted and it went in without issues.  The only thing is ZeroTier vpn that we use to make a virtual lan didn't load and had to be reinstalled.

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The Alien Invasion

2024-05-20 16:32:51

Aliens are going to replace us with hybrids because humans are so inferior and the earth is wasted on us.  They are not only developing hybrids, they have a plan and they are waiting for their hybrids to reach a critical development stage and a critical population size.  At that time they will eliminate the humans and set the hybrids free on earth.  The humans will be herded into large stadium type structures and destroyed.

The Aliens are not concerned about wars among the humans, but they are not going to allow any nuclear weapons to be used.  They are actively reducing the world's human population by intervention in the human reproductive capacities.  

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